Flower Pressing Guide

Today we are going to show you how to press flowers. To start we will show you how to select the best flowers for pressing and then show you how to prepare your flowers to be pressed. We will show you the two methods of pressing available which are microwave pressing and phonebook pressing. When pressing with a phone book we use silica gel so we will show you how to dry flowers with silica and we will show you how to remove your image2dried flowers from the presses and properly restore them. To use your pressed flowers in crafts; we will share some ideas with you and show you just how to create a pressed flower book mark. We will also go over how to use the flowers when scrapbooking. One way is to create a pressed image1petal picture frame with rose petals. We will also show you how to use pressed flowers to create a greeting card. Many of the items you will need can be found in your home. To press flowers at home you will need a phonebook, tissue paper, an air tight bin, silica gel, a board, weights, small sharp scissors, and paper towels. Some flowers press best in a microwave press so having one is optional but a great idea. We will show you how to use one. To store your pressed flowers we will use acid-free cardstock and clear sleeves or image3envelopes. To create floral art with your pressed flowers you will need tweezers and glue. To make bookmarks you will need to use a laminator and for the scrapbook pages you will use a photo and scrapbooking embellishments of your choice.

Now we will talk about choosing the best flowers for pressing. What you should be looking for when you’re pressing flowers is flowers that are pretty and don’t have a lot of imperfections in them. I have some pansies here and when looking at them you’ll notice image4that this yellow pansy is very pretty and has beautiful smooth edges so this would be a great example of a great pansy to press. Then if we look over at this other pansy we notice that the petals are a little irregular and may not look as pretty of a pressed flower as the first one. The most beautiful floral art is created with the freshest flowers so it is best that you press the flowers as soon as you can once you receive them. Look at these two roses; we notice that this yellow rose has a little imperfection in one of the petals and the red rose has a flawed petal with a darker edge on it. This just means if we wanted to press these we would remove those two petals and continue on. Often we get flowers for a special occasion or even have some pretty flowers growing in our gardens that we like to enjoy while they are fresh in our homes but we want to be able to enjoy even beyond that time. That’s the beauty of pressing flowers. If you’re really into this then please continue watching this series on flower pressing.

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